Service Automation…

And IT’s Done.

Automate, orchestrate, and AI-ify your way through tasks, tickets, and workflows. So you’re servicing smarter, not harder.

Real Talk:

Getting IT Right

Every part of your business lives by one simple truth – automate or die.

So why are Bob, Susan, and an office full of IT experts still routing tickets, configuring networks, and onboarding employees with their own two hands?

IT needs an upgrade. Badly.

Ticket & Task Automation

Dave and the dispatch team drowning in tickets? Enter ticket automation.

Let automation take care of categorizing, prioritizing, and assigning each ticket to the most appropriate person or resolution group in your organization as they come in from the AI Chatbot.

Self-Service Automation

When it comes to the day-to-day stuff, why not let employees just do IT themselves? Deliver always-on, 24/7 service, with a conversational, consumer-grade experience. Powered by generative AI our chatbot helps employees work through issues via email, chat, Microsoft Teams, or our own self-service portal.

And if an employee still needs human help? They can open a ticket in just one click – no filling-in needed.

Workflow Automation

There’s way more to IT than tickets. Complex processes are constantly happening online, offline, and across departments — and they all rely on IT. Yikes.

Luckily, you’ve got workflow automation. So you can digitize workflows and processes with simple design capabilities–not coding or scripting. And you can get real-time visibility of the entire end-to-end process. Now that’s what we call smooth.



Help Desk

Everything lean teams need to get more done with less.



For mid-sized and mature organizations to provide an excellent service.



A package with no limitations designed
to help teams of any size.


“SysAid Copilot has helped our organization a great deal in providing support quicker than waiting for a technician to get to the user. Since we’re a small department, wait times are higher than normal, and with Copilot those wait times have decreased to a more comfortable level for our end users.”


“SysAid Copilot capability has the potential to significantly influence the end user and agent experience!”


“We envision SysAid Copilot playing a crucial role in enhancing our IT support efficiency and we are eager to see how it will positively impact our IT support teams”

General Cable logo

“We now have insight into all activities from a single application!”

BBAM logo

“As soon as SysAid is implemented you’ll feel impact rapidly across your entire business. BBAM is proof of that fact.”

The Vision

Not Just an IT Thing

Better service goes way beyond IT. There are native services like HR, finance, procurement, and software development all across the organization, fueling everything we do. Service Automation takes all these native services to the next level – unlocking smarter, faster, more agile service delivery everywhere that Steve from IT, Jane from HR, and Karl from Operations need it.

SysAid Team

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