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Empower your agents with generative AI so they can deliver consumer-grade support to end users automagically.


Captivate End Users With an AI CHATBOT:

Our AI chatbot taps into your organization’s knowledge base to quickly assist employees, students, and clients. It pulls in internal data and outside sources, making self-service a breeze.
Need a human touch? Just click once to get help – absolutely no forms are needed.

AI Chatbot via Microsoft Teams

Forget clunky service desks! Our AI Chatbot integrates right inside Microsoft Teams, so you can chat with it just like you would a coworker. Need answers, have questions, or want to submit a ticket? Just fire away! This conversational approach makes getting help a breeze, saving you precious time in the process.

Response Rating

Gather end-user feedback on the usefulness and quality of responses they received from the AI Chatbot with an easy click of a thumbs-up or thumbs-down icon.  To help you improve even further, a feedback box will appear, allowing end users to provide more context about their experience. This way, the AI Chatbot gets better and better at supporting your end users.

Data Pool

Train the AI Chatbot for end users on a knowledge base articles, internal data, and historical tickets – as well as verified external data sources, links, and documents. So the recommendations it gives are 100% relevant and unique to your organization.

With our latest feature integration, SharePoint Connector, AI Admins can seamlessly import SharePoint knowledge into the AI Chatbot, ensuring end users have instant access to up-to-date information.


Monitor & Fine-Tune

Give admins control over the quality of answers that the AI Chatbot provides, so they can edit and fine-tune the answers as necessary.



Be empowered to effectively monitor employee interactions with our AI Chatbot. So all interactions remain regulated and no one shares sensitive information by accident.


AI Emailbot

SysAid Exclusive

Provide the same seamless, conversational experience via email. If the bot can provide an answer to a new ticket, it will craft a context-sensitive response just for them. 

And they’ll get it in their inbox within minutes. So, any simple questions get answered right away. Emails feel more like conversations thanks to the bot’s easy-to-understand replies. And of course, it frees up admins to tackle more complex issues.


AI Insights

Get an overview of your KPIs compared to industry benchmarks every week in your inbox with recommendations and predictions for the next reporting period.

So your admins can make data-driven decisions to improve the organization’s service management quality.

AI Case Summarization

Provides admins with a real-time summary of the ticket content when they hover over the ticket title from the queue or from within the ticket page.

This slashes the amount of time admin would otherwise spend going into every ticket to read and understand the full context.

AI Emotion

Helps admins immediately understand how an end user feels. So, they can prioritize tickets effectively and make sure everyone is happy.

Better yet, they can track the impact their actions have in real-time.

AI Author

Empowers admins to compose messages with different tones and styles in a fraction of the time.

Instead of worrying about semantics, grammar, spelling or punctuation, AI Author swoops in to ensure that the messages are clear and the tone is on point.

In other words, this is your personal writing assistant. That’s right, AI Chatbot makes responses on par.

AI Intelligent Categorization

Did you know that 40% of tickets are miscategorized?

Not anymore though. Now, AI Intelligent Categorization will suggest a more accurate classification of the SR based on the category schema of the organization.

So with just one click, the category and subcategories can be automatically updated.

Now, with AI Intelligent Categorization’s new escalation rule in SysAid’s Ticket Automation, admins get to decide when and where it kicks in for super-smooth ticket organization. It’s all about giving you more control!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main capabilities of the AI Chatbot?

The chatbot offers:

  • Asking questions in natural language – end users can ask questions and receive AI-generated responses powered by state-of-the-art large language models (LLMs), combined with your organization’s unique data.
  • End users can submit a service record in a single click via a link or by asking the AI Chatbot conversationally to create one. This service record contains all the essential information that the administrator might need to provide assistance.
  • Users can rate the chatbot’s response with Thumbs Up/Down and provide additional feedback. Admins will be able to use this data to monitor and refine the AI generated responses.

Will there be an AI Chatbot for Agents?

Yes! Just like end users need quick conversational resolutions, agents need that too. In Q2 2024, agents will have their own personal AI Chatbot that is fed with information that only agents would have access to. Providing agents with contextual suggested solutions to speed up resolution.

Which data sources does the chatbot use?

The AI Chatbot utilizes your service records from the past 2 years. This may include information and solutions that were documented in the solution/resolution/notes or messages of the Service Record. It also uses end-user facing knowledge base articles.

Public URLs will be crawled by the AI chatbot and be used for providing answers to your end users. Additionally, you will have the ability to upload documents which hold organizational information you’d like to serve up to your end users.

If your account knowledge is stored in SharePoint, you will also be able to easily import it into the Data Pool, allowing the AI Chatbot to access it.

How can I ensure appropriate use of the AI Chatbot by my end users?

Within SysAid Copilot’s general settings, AI Admins have the ability to enable Guardrails to oversee the suitability of individual employee queries and questions. It helps establish clear rules for AI Chatbot usage within the organization, preventing any accidental sharing of offensive or sensitive information.

Service Records may contain PII. How can I ensure this data is not exposed to other users in the organization?

We understand the importance of safeguarding sensitive information. Rest assured that our chatbot operates with a stringent data sanitization process. Prior to deployment, we thoroughly remove any personal or sensitive data related to employees or the organization from the service records used to train the system. This includes details like financial information and passwords. Your data’s privacy and security are our top priorities, ensuring that no confidential information is exposed to other users within the organization through the use of our chatbot. To learn more about SysAid Copilot’s Security, click here.

What Our Customers Had to Say


“SysAid Copilot has helped our organization a great deal in providing support quicker than waiting for a technician to get to the user. Since we’re a small department, wait times are higher than normal, and with Copilot those wait times have decreased to a more comfortable level for our end users.”


“SysAid Copilot capability has the potential to significantly influence the end user and agent experience!”


“We envision SysAid Copilot playing a crucial role in enhancing our IT support efficiency and we are eager to see how it will positively impact our IT support teams”

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SysAid Reviews